Training Details

Nicolette Donofrio and coach Ron Bendall

I coach at Chatswood War Memorial Athletic Field (also known as Rotary Field) in Mowbray Rd, Chatswood which is the best grass track in Sydney.

  • Mon 4.30pm-6pm Speed work
  • Tuesday 4.30pm-6pm Technical training
  • Thursday 4.30pm-6pm Speed endurance work.
  • Sunday 9am-11am Hurdles and tempo at SOPAC

 Squad members

Nicolette Donofrio, Australian u/16 200m champion 2017. Oceania u/18 years 100m hurdles champion and Games record holder

Susie Douglas, 2018 Australian All Schools u/18 years 400m hurdles champion

Maya Piras, Australian All Schools u/18 years 100m hurdles runner-up

Bronte Pickering, 100m, 200m

James Hunt, South Australian under 20 400m hurdles champion

Matthew Hunt, South Australian under 16 years 200m hurdles champion

Joey Dennis, 100m, 200m, 400m

Daniel Nolan, 100m, 200m

Maria Cimino, 2016 45+ years finalist 2016 World Masters, NSW Masters Championship multiple gold medalist

Clinton McEwan, 100m, 200m, Australian Uni Games medalist

Janet Naylon, World Masters Championship 4x100m relay gold medalist

Gemma Bratton, 400m

Dave Turner, masters sprints

Claudia Healey, 100m hurdles

Stephanie Markos, masters 200m, 400m

Tony Crimi, masters 100m, 200m

Coach Ron Bendall with Maya Piras

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