Time waits for no man or woman

Nicolette Donofrio, 100m winner, with Ron Bendall

The first day of the two day time trial series for Ron Bendall squad athletes was held at SOPAC on Sunday, conducted by two Athletics NSW accredited officials.


Women’s 400m hurdles: 1 Bella Guthrie 62.3h; 2 Susie Douglas 63.2h; 3 Jessie Wong 65.3 (PB).

Women’s 100m: 1 Nicolette Donofrio 21.1h; 2 Jasmin Guthrie 12.3h; 3 Jess MacIver 12.7h; 4 Jessie Wong 13.0h; 5 Janet Naylon 16.4h.

Men’s 100m: 1 Daniel Nolan 11.0h; 2 Joey Dennis 11.1h; 3 Clinton McEwan 11.5h; 4 Dave Turner 12.2h.

Women’s 200m: 1 Jasmin Guthrie 24.8h; 2 Nicolette Donofrio 25.1h; 3 Bella Guthrie 25.6h; 4 Jess MacIver 26.2h; 5 Susie Douglas 26.4h; 6 Jessie Wong 27.0h.

Men’s 200m: 1. Daniel Nolan 23.2h; 2 Dave Turner 25.6h.

Women’s 300m: 1 Jasmin Guthrie 40.7h (UTS Norths u/18 club record); 2 Susie Douglas 43.5h.

Men’s 300m: 1 Joey Dennis 35.9h (UTS Norths u/18 years club record); 2 Clinton McEwan 39.0 (PB).

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