The perfect dozen

Nicolette Donofrio and coach Ron Bendall

Twelve Ron Bendall squad members will contest 24 events at the 2019 All Schools Championships.

They are:

  • Steph Potter (Sydney International Grammar School), 19 years 100m and 200m;
  • Nicolette Donofrio (Santa Sabina College), 19 years 100m hurdles, 17 years 100m and 200m;
  • Abby Lander (Roseville College), 17 years 800m, 1500m, 2000m steeplechase;
  • Curtis Kingsmill (Hunters Hill High School), 17 years 800m and 1500m;
  • Maya Piras (Dubbo High School), 17 years 100m hurdles;
  • Lara Halmarick, Monte Sant’ Angelo) 17 years 100m;
  • Bella Guthrie (Asquith Girls’ High School), 16 years 400m, 400m hurdles;
  • Jasmin Guthrie (Asquith Girls’ High School), 16 years 200m, 400m;
  •  Joe Dennis (St Aloysius College), 16 years 100m, 200m
  • Jessie Wong (Baulkham Hills High School), 15 years 90m hurdles, 200m hurdles and long jump;
  • Sebastian Arko (St Mary’s College), 15 years 100m, 200m;
  • Daniel White (Chatswood High School), 13 years 100m and 200m.
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