It’s raining records and medals

Bella O'Grady . . . two club records, five gold medals

At the weekend’s State Relay Championships Ron Bendall squad athletes helped:

  • Set two State and club records: Jackie Bezuidenhout; David Smith and Tony Crimi;
  • Nine other club records: Tony Crimi (3); Bella O’Grady (2); Alec Diamond (2); David Smith (2); Jeremy Firth; Katrina Hunt; Ali Bartholomew; Matt Wood; and Anthony Collum;
  • Won 15 gold medals: Bella O’Grady (5); Matt Wood (3); Jackie Bezuidenhout (3); Katrina Hunt (3); Berni Viljoen (2); Maria Cimino; Janet Naylon; David Smith; Tony Crimi; Gabby RalphsAli Bartholomew; and Anthony Collum;
  • Won nine silver medals: Tony Crimi (2); Alec Diamond (2); David Smith; Jeremy Firth; Dave Thebridge; Andy West; Anthony Collum; Tony Wood; Jackie Bezuidenhout; Gabby Ralphs;
  • Won 10 bronze medals: Ali Bartholomew (2); Gabby Ralphs (2); Nick Walker; David Smith; Tony Crimi; Anthony Collum; Tommy Sloot; Tony Wood; Katrina Hunt; Jackie Bezuidenhout; and Alec Diamond.
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